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September 2021

Welcome Wynand!

It all started on LinkedIn when we were recruiting for a Sheetmetal worker! I’m so proud that S&B has invested the time and resources to enable the sponsorship of Wynand Handford (Sheet Metalworker) and his family to relocate to the UK from South Africa. It has been a hard and frustrating process at times (climbing the mountain of bureaucracy) but it all came together yesterday when Wynand started his first day with S&B. Welcome aboard Wynand! This is just the beginning! 

New Sheetmetal worker Wynand Handford
August 2021

Quality Counts

It’s always important that we listen to feedback our customers provide. On the back of our customer satisfaction survey we’ve already made some important positive changes in our ongoing efforts to make Sweetnam & Bradley the best company to deal with. One thing that makes us proud is we’re always hearing about the high quality of our products. We supply to various industries including high end audio equipment and high end precision measuring equipment where the finish of our product is critical. Thank you to all our customers for their ongoing support and feedback.

Quality diagram from Sweetnam and Bradley
July 2021

Laser Welding

So proud that S&B are now one of the first fabrication and finishing companies in the UK to have laser welding capabilities! It’s a credit to our push for innovation that we continue to invest and learn the very latest manufacturing techniques. This enables us to provide our customers with the very best in ‘one-stop-shop’ manufacturing.

Workplan image from Sweetnam and Bradley
July 2021

Implementation of our new Planning Software and CRM System

We’ve been working with Hexagon over the last 3 months to implement WorkPlan, our new planning software and CRM system. Moving away from a manual paper lead system, WorkPlan will give a better insight to how we can better plan our production ensuring shorter lead times, an increased capacity and better management of our customer information. The introduction of WorkPlan to our sales and estimating department will be our first step forward. We’ll then introduce purchasing, stores and invoicing over the next 6 months. Exciting times to come!


Workplan image from Sweetnam and Bradley
June 2021

New product in development – BakePlate

This summer we have employed a group of local university students to work with us to design and test new products. We thought this would be a great opportunity to engage with young talent in the area offering them work experience as well as inviting new ideas into our business. We are really excited to share details of the first product the team have been working on with us.

BakePlate is a hot plate that uses its own thermal mass to regulate the temperature of your oven, to provide a faster and more even bake. Our prototypes of this product have seen fantastic results so far and we are looking forward to bringing BakePlate to market soon.

We’re looking forward to working more with this team and will bring you updates as they develop.

Bake Plate from Sweetnam and Bradley
June 2021

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Steel & Ali Price Update

We’ve seen a huge increase in our raw material costs, and with our customers asking where these price increases have come from and why they are happening, we’ve had to have our finger on ‘metal price’ pulse. Explaining it far better than we can, please see links below offering some explanation into these increases. If you have any questions, please do ask.

Stainless Steel


Mild Steel

June 2021


We’re very excited to announce that we’re looking to expand our workforce.

If you are interested in working for a great, market leading sheet metal company based in Malmesbury Wiltshire, or know of anyone who would be, then please contact Christian on 01666 823491 or email christian@sweetnam-bradley.com

sweetnam & bradley are hiring
April 2021

Tom Baxter Joins Sweetnam & Bradley Ltd

We are very pleased and excited to welcome Tom Baxter as Commercial Manager.

Tom joined as Commercial Manager in April 2021 with over 10years’ experience and knowledge in leading sales teams from multiple market-leading stockholders in the multi-metals industry.

He has a wide-ranging brief which will involve him in all aspects of the business. Tom’s most important task will be to make S&B the best company for our customers

(Left to Right: Christian Olejnik, Tom Baxter)
March 2021

25th Anniversary

Greg Avis (Sweetnam & Bradley Ltd Setter/Operator) joined S&B on Monday 26th March 1996...that’s right, 25 years ago!! This is absolutely the best part of my job when we get to recognise the amazing people that make up the S&B team. Greg has been a hardworking, reliable, trustworthy and best of all lovely chap for 25 years and we’d all love to see him at his next anniversary (40 years with the business!). Thank you Greg and here’s to one your favourite pastimes (a tipple of red wine) with this fantastic selection of wines presented by the S&B Team.

Christian Olejnik - Managing Director
25th Anniversary
January 2021

New Release- PeloGadget Mobile & Tablet Holder
for the Peloton Fitness Bike

We are so excited with the release of the PeloGadget and PeloGadget Plus, Mobile phone and tablet holder.

The PeloGadget is a device that can hold your phone or tablet whilst using your Peloton bike. Along with other products in our range, for example the successful KoronaGadget, these are also manufactured from Mild Steel sheet.

Shipping available Worldwide.

Buy Now / Learn more
December 2020



Please note we will be closed for Christmas from
Wednesday 23rd December to Monday 4th January 2021

December 2020

Arthur Bradley

It’s with the deepest sympathy that we mark the passing of one of the founding members of Sweetnam & Bradley Limited, Arthur Bradley. Our thoughts and condolences to all his family and friends.

November 2020

KoronaGadget Hand Sanitisers

The months are flying by here at Sweetnam & Bradley and we’ve been busy as ever working on customer orders. Many of them have included our KoronaGadgets and KoronaGadget Floor Stands. These along with the Desktop version sanitisers have proven so popular! It's great that we can support individuals and companies up and down the country. Every now and then a customer will send us pictures of the Stands once they have them in place and this month we received them from Swift Electrical Wholesalers (S.O.T.) Limited who are based in Stoke-on-Trent. We supplied them with 3 white Floor Stands and here’s the finished products in their Reception, Kitchen and Commercial area.

KoronaGadget Hand Sanitiser by Sweetnam & Bradley
KoronaGadget Hand Sanitiser by Sweetnam & Bradley
KoronaGadget Hand Sanitiser by Sweetnam & Bradley
October 2020

ISO 9001:2015 Audit

We have completed our QAS audit and have the up-to-date certification for another3 years. The guidance and tools helps us to ensure that our products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements and that quality is consistently improved. Using ISO 9001:2015 helps ensure our customers get consistent, good quality products and services.

The new certificate is now on our website. Please click this link to see a printable version of our Certificate.

September 2020

FORS Audit Passed with Flying Colours!

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a voluntary accreditation scheme encompassing all aspects of safety, fuel efficiency, vehicle emissions and improved operations, which we’ve been members of since September 2014. FORS helps us measure and monitor performance and improve operations in order to demonstrate best practice.We had our annual FORS audit last month and just received our new certificate confirming that we passed! We’re FORS Bronze accredited for another year

August 2020

Official MizuMi face mask stockists

This month we are so excited to confirm that S&B are now the official stockists of MizuMi face masks!

The MizuMi Premium Bamboo Mask is a unisex face covering manufactured from cotton muslin and bamboo fabric. Bamboo fabric has inherent anti-bacterial properties. The Bamboo fabric inner layer of the face mask is anti-bacterial to reduce skin irritation and odor. The Cotton Muslin outer layer is droplet repellent. The masks are washable (up to 30 times) and have adjustable ear-straps. They also come with a unique removable mask holder. The holder can be buttoned to the ear loops enabling the mask to be removed but still worn around the neck, ready for immediate access as required. The masks come in two colours, black or white.

July 2020

New KoronaGadget Additions!

Much of the success of the KoronaGadget has been down to the amazing help and support of the local community. It has spurred us on to add two new additions to the KoronaGadget family of products. This month we have launched the KoronaGadget Floor Stand and the KoronaGadget Desktop. Both products are infra-red automatic hand sanitisers and are suitable for either floor or desk mounting.

Desk Hand Sanistisers by Sweetnam & Bradley
June 2020


When did you realise the Coronavirus could be a problem for you and your business? 
We knew straightaway that it was going to be a problem and we were very aware that it would impact the whole economy and we began to prepare for what that could mean for our business and our team.  

What has been your plan to continue? 
We decided early on that because many of our customers are in key industries including medical and transport that we needed to adapt, keep abreast of restrictions and changes and carry on as we would need to ensure that they had the necessary equipment we manufacture for them. We also decided it was time to get innovative and we brainstormed some product ideas which we felt would help at this time - and especially as it became clear that while lockdown was imposed quickly, recovery would not be quick. We came up with the idea of the KoronaGadget which enables people to 'be touch free' and reduce the worry of touching multiple hard surfaces on a daily basis as we come out of lockdown. We recognised that fear was going to be a huge issue. 

How have you changed your business as the weeks are passing?  
We have strict health and safety procedures in place anyway so it was not too much of a stretch to implement social distancing, more frequent hand washing and providing any necessary PPE. We've also looked at some of our internal procedures and made some changes there. The KoronaGadget has also made us consider marketing in a way we have not previously. Bringing a prototype to market so quickly is unusual and we needed to spread the word. We've already sold thousands of these gadgets. 

Have you accessed any government support or funding? 
We know there is support out there however, to date, we've not needed to do this and we will only explore that option should it become necessary. There are businesses out there which really do need help at the moment and we've been able to leave that funding for them at this stage.

What have you seen about business which has been positive?  
For our business, we've been lucky and seen an increase in medical sales and we have explored new opportunities – the KoronaGadget. However, we've been thrilled by the support from the local community about our new product and for the way in which the local media have supported us in getting the word out there. It's much appreciated. 

What have you seen about business which has been negative? 
Some companies in different locations (Scotland/Wales) have commented on social media that it is not fair that different areas have been given different guidance. So that has been confusing I think. Otherwise we have a positive ethos and are trying to stay positive. 

What can we do to help each other? 
That's easy - be understanding and kind in business and in life generally. 

Your parting thought? 
We will get through this.

May 2020

Helping Posties!

So happy that we can help our favourite local postie Julie, to 'Be Touch Free' with KoronaGadget! www.koronagadget.com

KoronaGadget by Sweetnam & Bradley
May 2020


The New KoronaGadget promotion video has just dropped with even more uses. Please visit our shop for more details and purchasing

May 2020

Made in Britian

We’re very proud and excited to announce that we are now ‘Made in Britain’ registered! We got the confirmation on Monday and couldn’t wait to start getting the logo out there!!

Sweetnam and Bradley
April 2020

An April Like No Other

The past few weeks have seen many people facing challenges they never thought they would have to face. Everyone wants to do their bit to help in any way they can and for us here at S&B, that has meant continuing work to fulfil customer orders. We manufacture many essential products for sectors including medical, healthcare and utilities. A large amount of the products our customers manufacture are essential in keeping the country operational. We have customers who make ventilators, air cleaning products & London Underground who need to ensure the trains keep running so key workers can commute to and from work.

We’ve been very strict in assuring everyone adheres to government guidelines (social distancing & hand washing etc.) as the health & well being of our staff, customers and community is our main priority.

It’s testament to our amazing workforce that they have adapted to the current requirements effortlessly and continue to work every day to do their bit to help others.

Sweetnam and Bradley
(Picture is of an air handling product for hospitals starting to take shape).
March 2020

Amada Visit

S&B this month visited Amada`s UK site to understand the latest technology that could assist current production and future projects. Amada are a world leading manufacturer of comprehensive sheet metal machinery and we already have number of these in service from punching to bending

Sweetnam and Bradley
March 2020

Our Latest Customer Feedback

‘Thank you for taking the time to come and visit us last week for a business review.  We are starting to pick up in Q/2 2020 and hope to see some of these orders very soon.

With regard to your Quality Levels between 01.02.2019 and 31.01.2020, I am very pleased to pass on to you that out of 9702 parts received in total only 18 pieces were rejected.  This gives you a Quality Rating of 99.82% which is a fantastic achievement.  Could you please pass on our thanks to all of your Staff at Sweetnam & Bradley for their care and attention to detail in their work, this is Excellent Customer Service.

Many thanks
With best regards,
Elaine (Rail Sector)’

February 2020

Job Vacancy - Estimator

Want to be part of an ambitious & ever growing company? If so, we have an opening in our Estimating Department & would welcome your application!

Sweetnam & Bradley Limited are the Premier Sheet Metal Fabricator and Finisher in the South-West of England. We are looking for an Estimator to join our forward thinking team. We pride ourselves on the longevity of our Customer and Supplier relationships and this culture is underpinned by a low turnover of staff within the company. The successful candidate will be pragmatic in their approach and have experience in engineering, ideally in the sheet metal industry. They will report directly to the Business Development Director and will play an instrumental role in the success and growth of the company.

Click for Full Job Description
February 2020

Health & Safety Group

Sweetnam & Bradley news

Over recent weeks, we have been putting together a group who’ll work together to improve current safety measures as well as identify &solve any health and safety issues that may arise here at Sweetnam &Bradley. We have employees from several different areas of the company who all bring unique perspectives to the group. It’s all purely voluntary so we would like to thank all the volunteers.

On site safety of employees and visitors have always been (and will always be) of the upmost importance to us – so we decided to create this group to specifically help facilitate communication of Health & Safety issues and put in place improvements.

Here they are holding their first official meeting – so deep in conversation I’m not sure they realised I was taking the photo!

We’re confident that the group are going to work brilliantly together to ensure a continued safe environment for us all.

January 2020

Graham Miles Passes with Flying Colours!

Sweetnam & Bradley news

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a voluntary accreditation scheme encompassing all aspects of safety, fuel efficiency, vehicle emissions and improved operations,which we have been members of since September 2014. FORS helps us measure and monitor performance and improve operations in order to demonstrate best practice.

Dedicated FORS Professional training equips our managers and drivers with the skills and knowledge to improve their work related road safety and to reduce the risk of collisions with other motor vehicles and, crucially,vulnerable road users. 

Depending on the module, training is either classroom based or online and this month we are proud to say that our driver Graham has successful passed all 3 modules that he took: - Pedestrian Safe, LoCity Driving &Smart Driving. Well done Graham!

January 2020

No Soggy Bottoms Here!

Fresh out the oven! At 200c for 10 minutes....there’s no soggy bottoms on these powder coated shrouds! 

December 2019

A Lovely End to the Working Year

After a busy year here at S&B, we wanted to show all the employees that we appreciate their hard work - so lunch was on us! We had lovely Tapas at the local pub here in Malmesbury and as you can see from this picture, we all had a thoroughly good time! Here’s to a happy and productive 2020!’

November 2019

New Finance Manager

Since Richard Wiltshire (Financial Director) retired at the end of October, the accounting responsibilities have been taken on by the newest member to the team, our Finance Manager Sally Jackson. Sally has fitted into the S&B team effortlessly and brought with her a wealth of knowledge and experience which we fully intend to put to good use!

Sweetnam & Bradley October News
Richard Wiltshire (Financial Director) and Sally Jackson (Finance Manager)
October 2019

Richard Wiltshire Retires

After 40 years working at Sweetnam & Bradley Ltd., Richard Wiltshire (Financial Director) retired on the 31st October this year. He started his career with Sweetnam & Bradley in 1979 and in 1989, was part of a management buyout team.

Richard has always been a much loved part of Sweetnam & Bradley and when we learned that he had decided to retire it was hard to imagine the place without him. Hardly a day went by that Richard wasn’t making jokes about one thing or another – often having to explain the funniness of them to us!

One of the things Richard was known for here was his love of music - there was always something playing in his office! We were often intrigued by what he listened to – personally I liked the one which I’m pretty sure was a Bullfrog croaking!

To mark his retirement, we presented Richard with a personalised laser etched stainless steel record, which we designed and manufactured in-house – a one of a kind gift for a one of a kind man!

We’re all going to miss Richard immensely - he was brilliant to work with, learn from and was always willing to help you with anything. Everyone here at Sweetnam & Bradley wishes him the very best for his retirement – we all know he deserves it!

Sweetnam & Bradley October News
Richard Wiltshire Receiving his Personalised Etched Stainless Steel Record, Designed & Manufactured Inhouse
July 2019

Welcome to our New Apprentice

We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Ben Wilcox to Sweetnam & Bradley Limited as our new Apprentice. Ben has had previous welding experience at a local company and is looking to build upon his skills for the future. It is so important for us to invest in the next generation of skilled sheet metal workers and we will be working alongside Wiltshire College and Avon Vale Training to ensure Ben gets the best possible practical and academic training possible.

Sweetnam & Bradley New Apprentice
Ben Wilcox (S&B Apprentice)showing Nigel Roberts (Owner of S&B) a part being prepared in our sprayshop.
April 2019


Megasteel Ltd, the UK's largest prestressing steel stockholder and distributor, has bought Malmesbury-based sheet metal manufacturer Sweetnam & Bradley Ltd.  

Sweetnam & Bradley produces, assembles and finishes sheet metal. Founded in 1958, they have a long and prestigious history in the sub-contract sheet metalwork field. They pride themselves in their ability to offer a complete 'one-stop shop' for metal components and assemblies and are sheet metal work specialists.  

Nigel Roberts, of Megasteel, said “We have bought Sweetnam and Bradley because it’s a great company with great people working in it. I want to keep it that way and to grow the business in the future. Nigel Johnson and Christian Olejnik are not going anywhere - they have built a brilliant business that they love and are proud of.  They will remain in their current roles in the company and I am really excited about the potential. I do believe that there is a ‘little bit of magic’ and a lot of that has to do with the people who work for Sweetnam and Bradley.”  

The acquisition marks a step into production for Megasteel and it will be an exciting phase in the history of our company. 

For more information about Sweetnam and Bradley please see their website http://www.sweetnam-bradley.com/

Megasteel Acquire Sweetnam & Bradley

New Additions to our Production Area

Sweetnam & Bradley Sheet Metalwork
A ‘Timesaver 2200’ Line Graining machine
Sweetnam & Bradley Sheet Metalwork
A ‘Timesaver 2200’ Line Graining machine

Machinery commissioned

Sweetnam & Bradley Sheet Metalwork

Additional Pemserter 4 series
3 Amada HFE M2 5012 CNC Benders
Vixen VM42 'Jetair' Grit and Bead Blaster
Welding accredited to BS4872-1:1982
ISO 9001:2015 Accreditation


London Underground

Sweetnam & Bradley Sheet Metalwork

Proudly working with London Underground's Bakerloo line refurbishment: 'S&B awarded metal work contracts for Bakerloo Life Extension Project for T9 – T36. These contracts will run through to 2018.'


Machinery commissioned

Sweetnam & Bradley Sheet Metalwork

Haas VF-4 Vertical Machining Centre commissioned January 2015

2014 - October

Machinery commissioned

Sweetnam & Bradley Sheet Metalwork

Amada HFE 1003 3i 7 Axis Press Brake Machine commissioned October 2014

2014 - September


Sweetnam & Bradley Sheet Metalwork

FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) Bronze Accreditation September 2014


Fibre Optic Laser Cutting System

Sweetnam & Bradley Sheet Metalwork Specialist

2kW Fibre Optic Laser Cutting System commissioned (Mazak Optiplex 3015)


Renovation & Flooring

Renovation of existing spray shop to provide 'clean room' environment. New Tremco flooring systems laid in Powder and Solvent areas.


CNC mill commissioned

Dedicated CNC milling section added with additional CNC mill commissioned


Management buyout

Nigel Johnson and Christian Olejnik conduct a management buyout. Michael Hannon retires from the company


Certificates obtained

Achieved BS EN ISO 9001:2008 certification

Our Early Story



Old office block completely refurbished and a further 3,500 sq. ft extension added


Premises extended

6,000 sq. ft extension is added to the premises. Achieved BS5750 Part 2 (Now BS EN ISO 9001:2015) certification


First CNC punching machine purchased

Sweetnam & Bradley Sheet Metalwork

We become computerised in both production and administration. Our first CNC punching machine (a Pega 344) is purchased from Amada


Old station site premises

We become the first company to occupy purpose built premises on the old station site, next to the engine shed, which is the one building remaining from the old days of the railway.


Sweetnam & Bradley start business

Sweetnam & Bradley Sheet Metalwork

Sweetnam & Bradley start their Precision Sheet Metalwork business


Sweetnam & Bradley forms

Arthur Bradley and James Sweetnam form a partnership "Sweetnam & Bradley" working on electrical assemblies at their first official premises at Bristol Road Malmesbury. Both came from an electronics background with Arthur Bradley working for the BBC where he was involved with radio and the early days of television.

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