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Meet the Sweetnam & Bradley Team

Nigel Johnson Managing Director of Sweetnam & Bradley
Nigel Johnson
Managing Director

Since joining the company in 1980 as a Trainee Sheet Metal worker, Nigel has gained a wealth of experience in all areas of precision engineering.

His ability to understand and provide engineering solutions doesn't come from a technical manual or a business diploma (although he has these as well!) it comes from a natural understanding of methods and materials.

Nigel has earned the respect of both customers and employees alike and is renowned for his calm and practical approach to the stresses and strains of a sub-contract production schedule.

Christian Olejnik, Operations Manager of Sweetnam & Bradley
Christian Olejnik
Operations Director

Christian began his career with Sweetnam & Bradley Ltd in 1996 as a Trainee Management Assistant. He has 'learned the business' and built long standing Customer and Supplier contacts.

Over the years, Christian has gained an absolute understanding of the precision engineering market in the U.K.

Like Nigel, Christian has learned both theory and practice and has a wealth of experience in both areas.

Sally Jackson, Finance Director of Sweetnam & Bradley
Sally Jackson
Finance Manager

Sally joined Sweetnam and Bradley in September 2019 as the Finance Manager.  Since qualifying as a Chartered Accountant Sally has been responsible for the financial management of all types and size of organisation: retailing, film production, wholesale, public sector.  Although the principles of sound financial management remain the same, each industry has its own challenges and peculiarities.  Sally is delighted to be joining a skilled manufacturing team located in beautiful Malmesbury and hopes her wide ranging experience will be helpful.

Kayleigh Hardy, Management Assistant of Sweetnam & Bradley
Kayleigh Hardy
Management Assistant

Kayleigh joined Sweetnam & Bradley at the start of 2007 as an Administration Assistant and has always been keen to take on more tasks and responsibility.

This has resulted in her achieving an AAT Level 3 Diploma in Accounting and being promoted to Management Assistant.

She works closely with the Directors whilst supervising and providing a supportive role to the Administration Assistants.

Ashley Slade, Business Developement Director of Sweetnam & Bradley
Ashley Slade
Business Development Director

Ashley started his career as an apprentice in Engineering and has always had a technical understanding in the role across multiple sectors.

With 10 years Business Development experience, Ashley brings with him a proven track record within the sub-contract engineering sector and will be developing S&B's business, alongside propagating new customers for the future.

Andrew Boulton, Works Manager of Sweetnam & Bradley
Andrew Boulton
Works Manager

Andrew began his engineering career with Sweetnam & Bradley Ltd. From the beginning it was obvious that he was a natural engineer.

Andrew is the man to turn to when you're not sure of the 'best way to do something'.

The board of directors recognised his talents and he is now responsible for supervising production and ensuring we're working to our optimum efficiency.

Andy Tibbles, Chargehand at Sweetnam & Bradley
Andy Tibbles

Andy joined S&B in June 2014 and it quickly became apparent that he was the ideal candidate to support Andrew Boulton in the running of the shop floor.

Andy has a wealth of experience in the Sheet Metal Work industry and is a highly respected member of the Sweetnam &Bradley team.

Alison Luce, Administration Assistant at Sweetnam & Bradley
Alison Luce
Administration Assistant

Alison joined S&B in June 2017 after working as a Personal Assistant.She likes to be kept busy during the working day so the Sweetnam & Bradley Admin Office is just right for her!

Her friendly personality and eagerness to help people has made her a firm favourite with colleagues and customers alike.

Nick Heal, Administration Assistant at Sweetnam & Bradley
Nick Heal
Administration Assistant

Nick joined S&B in July 2016 as an Admin Assistant having previously worked in an administration support role in Somerset.

His laid back attitude and good sense of humour has seen him fit in very well with the rest of his peers and colleagues alike.

Kelly Brown,, Administration Assistant at Sweetnam & Bradley
Kelly Brown
Administration Assistant

Welcome to Kelly Brown, who joined Sweetnam& Bradley in January 2018 as an Administration Assistant, previously working as an Operations Administrator.

Coming from a busy office, means she has been able to settle into the company seamlessly

Douglas Matthews, Quality Management Representative at  Sweetnam & Bradley
Douglas Matthews
Quality Assurance Engineer

Douglas joined Sweetnam & Bradley Ltd in 1988. Douglas is a graduate of mechanical engineering and has become the backbone of our quality management system.

Along with Christian, Richard, Kayleigh and Amraj he is a member of the Sweetnam & Bradley Ltd Quality Team, who conduct a rigorous schedule of internal quality audits.

Amraj Aulak, Quality Assurance Engineer at Sweetnam & Bradley
Amraj Aulak
Quality Assurance Engineer

Amraj joined S&B in January 2017, after graduating with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. Due to his strong technical background and tenacity, he was considered an ideal candidate to assist Douglas in the quality department.

Amraj has gained an excellent understanding of sheet metal manufacturing operations and enjoys facing new challenges. His kind, friendly and helpful personality makes him a highly respected member within our team

Email: amraj@sweetnam-bradley.com

Graham Miles, Company Driver at Sweetnam & Bradley
Graham Miles
Company Driver

Graham joined Sweetnam & Bradley at the beginning of 2008. His laid back attitude always makes an impression on the customers he meets whilst making his deliveries.

When not on the road, Graham can often be found lending a helping hand to his colleagues in Goods Inwards by packing and organising items ready for delivery.

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