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The Swivel by Sweetnham & BradleyThe Swivel by Sweetnham & BradleyThe Swivel by Sweetnham & Bradley

The SWIVEL is made by Sweetnam and Bradley Ltd, the inventors of the famous PeloGadget phone tray, it allows you to twist, swivel, and angle the video screen on the original Peloton Bike through a full 360 degrees.

One of the big selling points of the Peloton Bike+ is that you can rotate the screen, well with the SWIVEL you can do this with the original Peloton Bike!

In addition to being able to rotate a full 360 degrees, you can easily adjust the angle of your screen as well – making it the perfect companion for Bike Bootcamp classes or floor classes like yoga & strength.

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your original Peloton Bike with some of the functionality of the new Bike+, The SWIVEL is a cost-effective way to do so.

The SWIVEL is manufactured using steel and aluminium. The post and bracket is made from steel for stiffness. And the SWIVEL head is machined from a single block of aluminium. Everything is then powder coated to finish it off beautifully. It’s beautifully designed and finished. It comes in all matt black or in mat black with a gloss red SWIVEL head – that matches the Peloton resistance knob!

• SWIVEL the screen through 360 degrees
• SWIVEL the screen to do all the off-bike glasses from Peloton – just like the Bike plus!
• SWIVEL is Easy to fit (and remove if needed)
• SWIVEL is produced by Sweetnam and Bradley Ltd in the UK – a 60 year old family business.
• SWIVEL raises the screen so when it is rotated it won’t touch the handlebars!
• SWIVEL comes in red or black SWIVEL head!

The SWIVEL is easy to install and once on the bike it just works. The SWIVEL allows you to rotate your screen 360 degrees in any direction just like you can with the Bike+. You can also angle your screen up to the celling or down to the floor. The SWIVEL lets you upgrade your original Peloton Bike with the same rotating screen features as the Bike+.When rotating the screen using the SWIVEL it is slightly higher than the handlebars and so there is no contact – beautifully designed and made by Sweetnam and Bradley Ltd. Installing the SWIVEL is one of the best upgrades to their bike an original Peloton bike owner can make.

The SWIVEL is designed and manufactured by Sweetnam & Bradley Ltd, a 60-year-old British Engineering company based in the beautiful town of Malmesbury in the Cotswolds.  

***** Please note Allen key and spanner / wrench does not come with this - but most people will have this already! See our YouTube channel on how to fit!

PeloGadget and the SWIVEL is not affiliated with Peloton®

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